Our healers are available for one-on-one healing sessions and lead our special community events.

Dr. César A. Lara, M.D.

César A. Lara, M.D.

Shamanic Healing

Dr. Lara is a Shaman and a Medical Doctor. His Journey as a healer began with a distinct recollection as a child “to be of Service”. Over the past 30 years, he has responded to this call through dedication to his medical practices as a Family Doctor and Medical Bariatrician focused on preventive medicine. Wanting to work towards curing the root of diseases rather than disease management, he furthered his exploration of the ancient wisdom healing traditions—Energy Medicine—the way of the Shamans.

Dr. Lara received his Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing training from Dr. Alberto Villoldo at The Four Winds Society Light Body School in Chile. He received his “Rights” as a Shaman from the Q’ero Incan Shamans, the guardians of the wisdom of the Andes.

Master Shifu Orlando Schiaffino

Master Shifu

Qigong, Tai Chi, Taoist Meditation & Healing Therapies

Master Shifu Orlando Schiaffino is a professional martial artist with more than 36 years of training in Internal and External Chinese Martial Arts and the Owner and Founder of Sadana Center.

As a younger adult, he lived and studied in a Buddhist Temple in Peru.

He is a pioneer in teaching the true roots of Chinese Qigong in the Tampa Bay Area since 2000, and introduced the Sound Healing meditation with Tibetan singing bowls to the spiritual community, today known as a Sound Bath.

His life’s work is to respond to the need for us to know ourselves better while finding peace and balance in our busy lives.

Shifu offers Qigong & Tai Chi classes, Personal Training, Healing Therapies, Sound Bath Meditation, and workshops.

Juliana Baron

Juliana Baron

Sound Healing, Reiki & Ancestral Medicines

Juliana is a certified sound healing therapyst, reiki master, embodiment coach and retreat facilitator. She guides individuals and groups on an exploration of their inner world to release physical, mental and emotional block’s through ancient practices and traditional medicine.

Her offerings combine teachings from different traditions with her own lineage, cultural roots and the insights from profound life experiences.

Juliana was born and raised in Colombia who gave up a busy corporate career to follow her soul’s path. A devoted mother, daughter, sister, friend, and space holder, Juliana is the founder of -Return to Origen- and a conscious travel platform called Origen Travel Journeys.