Where Did I Leave My Power?

Where Did I Leave My Power?


"Where Did I Leave My Power?" is not just a workshop; it's a transformative journey designed specifically for women seeking empowerment and healing.

At the heart of this experience lies Lotus Qigong, a revered practice known for its ability to enhance empowerment, balance, and holistic healing. Through gentle movements and mindful breathing, participants will tap into their inner reservoirs of strength and resilience. Lotus Qigong serves as the perfect foundation for the exploration that follows.

Throughout the workshop, participants will be guided to dive deeper into their feminine essence, discovering the wellsprings of strength and courage that reside within. The harmonization of yin and yang energies is a central theme, as participants learn to embrace and integrate both aspects of themselves, finding a harmonious balance.

The highlight of the workshop is the indoor shamanic fire ceremony. This ancient ritual offers a powerful means of releasing limiting perspectives, stories, and beliefs that may be holding participants back. By symbolically offering these burdens to the flames, attendees can experience profound liberation and renewal.

Taking place on Saturday, May 11th, 2024, from 10 am to 12 pm, this workshop offers a two-hour window of dedicated self-discovery and growth. The energy exchange for participation is $96, a small investment in oneself for the potential for profound transformation.

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