Sage Woo-Violin

The First Ever "NeuroMakeover" Party

Fire + Stone Shamanic Healing Center and NeuroAcrobatics present:


The first ever “NeuroMakeover” party--an evening of community laughter, fun and exploration of curated consciousness using breath, live strings, imagination and ambient room air.

While we relax and listen to some strings and lo-fi beats as a group, you can expect to learn:

  • How to create the life you want starting with the way you breathe and think.
  • Why everyone from A-List pop stars to Stanford Department Chiefs, scientists, CEOs and everyone in between is suddenly using breath in a whole new way.
  • How to use your breath and your imagination to change body at a cellular level.
  • How to breathe in a way to optimize your Psychology AND your Physiology.
  • How to use your ‘feelings’ to power a more limitless life from the boardroom to the bedroom.

What is a NeuroMakeover?

A NeuroMakeover is a simple process you can do anywhere, anytime, combining gentle breathing with original lo-fi beats and brain games to create a whole new you in no time flat. It’s breath and entertainment combined like you’ve never seen before, making wellness accessible for busy people with a real need for self-care on the fly.

The formula is simple:

  1. We unstick our breath.
  2. We use our breath to unstick our brain.
  3. We use our breath and our brain to unstick our body… and before you know it, you and your breath have created a whole new you.

So come breathe and laugh and experience your own mind with some fairy dust and glitter…in under 90 minutes we’ll span the universe on a ‘magic carpet ride’.

Meet the Founder of NeuroAcrobatics, Sage Rader

From A-list pop stars, Royals and Pro Race Car Drivers to the world’s top law firm, leading scientists, Wall Street legends and CEOs, Breath Artist Sage Rader is globally sought out to create bespoke Breath/Brain programs that support the extreme demands on the world’s most elite performers. Over the past two decades, Sage’s creative work has been featured in W Magazine, Global Wellness Institute’s 2021 Trend Report on Breathwork, The New York Times, on BBC, PBS, ITV (UK), Sirius/XM and in competition for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. Sage has also developed reality series’ based on his life for MTV, Travel Chanel, A&E and been a featured performer at the Woodstock Poetry, Edinburg Fringe and Brighton Fringe Festivals.

His ultimate mission is to use the entertainment industry model to weave breath and brain games with art, music and community together into a cohesive culture of joyful, radical personal responsibility ... to help relieve the loneliness and pain epidemics driving the opioid epidemic.