Dreaming the World Into Becoming

Dreaming the World Into Becoming


Are you a dreamer? Or are you being dreamed?

This is a basic question we all need to answer for ourselves.

Whatever we are experiencing in the world at this time, our perception of reality, is in essence, a dream.

Unfortunately, many of us are experiencing nightmares in this time.

For example, there is the nightmare of love. This is what happens when people try to find their own loving selves through the eyes of others, leading to feelings of disappointment and inadequacy. Instead of searching for love outside of ourselves, we can wake up and appreciate the abundance of love that each of us already is.

Another nightmare is that of security. We’re always looking to protect ourselves. We think if we earn the right degrees, accumulate the right number in our bank accounts, live in the right place, surround ourselves with the right people, that we’ll be protected by these things. Seeking security outside of ourselves is another nightmare we can wake up from.

Then, there is one of the biggest nightmares of all, impermanence. Everything comes to an end, and death is guaranteed for each of us. When we avoid the truth of our impermanence, we end up living a life of fear and denial instead of appreciating each moment for what it is within the constant cycle of endings and new beginnings.

The beautiful thing is, the abundance, love, and possibilities we each seek are all within us already. When we stop seeking them externally we can wake up from the nightmares and start dreaming the world we want into becoming.

This is exactly what we’ll be focused on at our upcoming workshop, Dreaming the World into Becoming, on Saturday February 03, 2024 at Fire + Stone Shamanic Healing Center in Clearwater. We hope you’ll join us for this powerful new workshop. It’s time to wake up from the nightmares so we can live our dreams fully and share our light and love with the world.

The energy exchange for this workshop is $96/per person.

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